Who can join the band?

The NYBB is truly a national organisation. The Band draws its members from across all Arts Council England regions: most recently it drew its membership of 138 players from the South East 9%; the South West 19%; the North 46%; and the Midlands 16%. The remaining membership comes, more widely, from all parts of the United Kingdom and the Isle of Man.

We believe that every young person should have the opportunity to participate in our bands based on musical merit and not on the ability to pay. We are fair and equitable in our subsidies and we offer up to twenty 100% or 50% bursaries for those members who are economically disadvantaged.

Auditions will continue to be free for everyone plus there's the benefit of the free expert tuition workshop on the audition day.

We encourage our band members to progress from NCBB to NYBB. In fact, the majority of the NYBB often comes through the ranks of the Children's Band

  • NYBB applicants should be at least age 14 and grade 8 standard
  • NCBB applicants should be at least age 8 and grade 5 standard